Ballarat Criminal Defence Lawyer

As well as working in Melbourne, I often appear as a criminal defence lawyer at the Ballarat Magistrates’ Court and the County Court’s Ballarat sittings. This involves jury trials in which I have significant experience as a Law Institute Accredited Specialist

I often attend one of the Ballarat Courts to look after people who are charged with offences such as theft, assault, and driving charges. I represent people subject to all types of charges in all of the Ballarat Courts.

When you come to choose a solicitor to represent you, you should ask that lawyer how many times the lawyer has personally addressed a jury. Any solicitor can delegate a trial to a barrister. The reality is that very few solicitors have actually appeared as Counsel in a jury trial. I have appeared as Counsel in countless Ballarat trials over a long period.

Remember, if I was to brief a barrister, you then have two experienced practitioners to help you in what will probably be the biggest crisis in your life.

Brendan Wilkinson, Criminal Defence Lawyer

Appearing in Melbourne and Ballarat

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