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by Brendan Wilkinson, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Level 4 116 Hardware Street, Melbourne, Victoria. Phone: (03) 9670 1987 or 0438 670 198.

Internet Offences

The involvement of the internet in criminal offences is becoming more and more frequent. I am experienced in serious matters involving telecommunications offences,

  • using the internet to ‘groom’ persons under 16 years of age for sexual activity
  • using a service to procure a child under 16 for a sexual act
  • using the internet, such as social media sites, to harass or menace
  • using the internet to access or possess child pornography (see my article on possession of child pornography).

I appear, and, when necessary I brief experienced senior and junior counsel in respect of these matters.

I also have experience in cases involving online dating websites in respect of stand alone charges such as ‘procuring sexual penetration by fraud’ under the Victorian Crimes Act, or as part of ancillary proceedings (such as family violence or personal safety intervention order matters).

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