Community Corrections Order

Sentencing Act 1991 – Section 38 Period and Commencement of a Community Correction Order

The period of a Community Correction Order must not exceed:

(a) In the case of an order made by the Magistrates’ Court:

(i) in respect of one offence: 2 years;

(ii) in respect of two offences: 4 years; or

(iii) in respect of three or more offences: 5 years.

(b) In the case of an order made by the County Court or Supreme Court in respect of one or more than one offence: 5 years.

(c) A Community Correction Order must commence on a date that is not later than 3 months after the making of the order.

Sentencing Act 1991 – Section 44 Imprisonment and a Community Corrections Order

A court may make a Community Correction Order in addition to imposing a sentence of imprisonment only if the sum of all the terms of imprisonment (after deduction of any period in custody reckoned to be already served) is 1 year or less.

The Community Correction Order commences on the release of the offender from imprisonment.

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