Community Corrections Orders — Breaches of Community Corrections Orders

Period of a Community Corrections Order –  Sentencing Act 1991, Section 38

The period of a Community Corrections Order must not exceed:

  1. a) In the case of an order made by the Magistrates’ Court,

(i) In respect of one offence, two years;

(ii) In respect of two offences, four years;

(iii) In respect of three or more offences, five years.

(b) In the case of an order made by the County Court or the Supreme Court:

(i) In respect of one, or more than one offence, five years.

Imprisonment and a Community Corrections Order – Sentencing Act 1991, Section 44

A Court may make a Community Corrections Order in addition to imposing a sentence of imprisonment, but only if the period of imprisonment is one year or less, including any time already served.

Intensive Compliance Period –  Sentencing Act 1991, Section 39

If a Community Corrections Order is for a period of 6 months or longer, the Court may fix a period (being part of the period) as the Intensive Compliance Period. This means that one or more conditions attached to a Community Corrections Order are to be completed within the Intensive Compliance Period.

Breaches of Community Corrections Orders

I attend Court regularly in relation to people who have been charged with a breach of a Community Corrections Order.

The penalties can range from simply continuing the Order, a small fine, all the way to imposing a sentence for the original offences as if the case was just being heard.

If most of the unpaid work has been completed, and programs started, committing a new offence is not necessarily the end of the line.

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